Thai Massages

Let your body relax after a busy day on a slope, on a bike or on a hiking tour! Connect the world of saunas with one of our massages and your body will feel reborn.

We recommend:

  • Thai traditional massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Massage with tiger oil
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Thai pregnancy massage

Price list

Massage type Massage description Lenght Price
Thai Traditional Massage Suitable for all who suffer from lack of movement or excessive physical load. Massaging the muscles and tendons of the whole body. 60 min 800,-
90 min 1100,-
120 min 1300,-
Aromatherapy Massage Ideal for those who suffer from stress, frequent fatigue, overwork and insomnia. It uses moisturizing aromatic oils that improve the skin, help muscles to relax and create a good mood feeling. 60 min 900,-
90 min 1200,-
120 min 1400,-
Massage with tiger balm Massage with a special fat tiger oil is very suitable after greater physical exertion, especially suitable for athletes. 60 min 800,-
90 min 1100,-
120 min 1300,-
Head and Shoulder Massage Extremely pleasant massage of the head and muscles of the neck area and the upper back, which helps to eliminate tension, fatigue, stress and headaches. 30 min 450,-
Foot Massage It helps to remove the feeling of heavy legs and their fatigue. Acupressure tactics can improve blood and lymph circulation. It also helps with kidney problems and back pain. The area of the feet, ankles, to the knees are massaged. 30 min 400,-
King Massage Enriched aromatherapy oil massage with the subsequent massaging of extracts from special Thai herbs. It has strong stimulating effects, it also helps with insomnia problems. It is ideal for total physical and mental relaxation. 60 min 1000,-
90 min 1300,-
Thai Pregnancy Massage Oil massage specially adapted to future mothers. Stimulates strenuous muscles in the spine and reduces foot swelling. At the higher stage of pregnancy, the mother lay just on her side. Massage is recommended from 3rd to 8th month of pregnancy. 60 min 800,-
French clay cosmetics Make yourself a pleasant, high-quality French clay mask along with relaxing facial massage. Your skin will be cleansed with peeling and the mask will give it softness and freshness. 30 min 450,-
60 min 900,-